Our Fees
Last updated: 30 July 2018

ADAX Exchange fees and charges is one of most competitive in region and worldwide, it was tailored to match the smoothest methodology understanding along with best global practices in industry:

Transaction Fees Description
Trade Fees 0.25% *
  • Flat rate applied upon each trade volume in advance with same asset
  • Minimum trade fees equals $1 in equivalent for prevailing market rate
Inward Wallet Transfer 0.50% *
  • Operational fees
Outward Wallet Transfer 5$ *
  • Outgoing transferring fees in equivalent for prevailing market rates
  • Minimum Outgoing transferring volume is $50 in equivalent
Wire Transfer Deposit 0.00
  • No fees applicable
Wire Transfer Withdrawal 5$ - 30$ *
  • Withdrawal fees in equivalent for the prevailing market rate
  • Minimum withdrawal transferring volume is $100 in equivalent
Holding Fees 25$ / quarter*
  • Applicable for accounts did not execute any trade for last 3 months
  • Will be deducted from USD or BTC or ETH or other assets balance respectively

Important Notice:

  • We charge our fees upon Pre-Trade basis.
  • All fees into ADAX Exchange are being charged in the “Base” cryptocurrency of same transaction pair (or by USD in some cases) upon the prevailing market rates. (example: BTC/ETH, the BTC is the “base” cryptocurrency asset)
  • Our Trade fees are flat for both trading sides; Market Taker and Market Maker orders.
  • We don’t charge any rollover or interest based fees, while quarterly holding fees are for the purpose of covering the security and operational cost for maintaining good standing records for your account into our database if you didn’t make any trade within a tenure of 3 months, to avoid being classified as dormant account, that is; ADAX is an Exchange and trading platform while not performing as a digital Wallet safeguard to keep customer Cryptocurrency in shape of deposits, because there is accompanied cost toward this storage to enable us operate best practices by keeping active database.
  • Above Outward Wallet Transfer fees are for indicative purposes only, while it might be subject to change from time to time upon market circumstances and without a prior notice upon the Blockchains applicable fees and fuel updates, please be aware that we might charge higher Outward Wallet Transfer Fees accordingly without the need for any prior notice to customers to do so and proceed customer’s request in best market practices, such as-without limitation- the applicable USDT transferring fees in market can reach at some times around $25+ per single transfer while it’s not under our control.
  • Above Wire Transfer Withdrawal fees are for indicative purposes only, while it may vary according to multiple factors applied by banks which we don’t have any control on their applicable policies, meanwhile it might be subject to change in their inward/outward remittances acceptance policies from time to time, in addition to the fact that there might be additional charges applied by the receiver banks and being deducted from the principle amount.
  • We charge additional fees for any paper copies requests, starting from USD 50 in equivalent for a specific count of papers upon applicable terms.
  • We don’t accept third party payments in terms of wire transfers and credit card payments, its your responsibility to make sure that the receiving account is in the same beneficiary name, otherwise; we have the right to reject, suspend or reverse the transaction/any transaction related to this section at your own risk for any occurred losses accordingly.
  • For any additional payment gateway might be available through ADAX Exchange at any time, you are aware there will be accompanied service charges by default applied by the service providers such as, Visa, Master Card, PayPal..etc. You agree to handle such additional fees applied by third parties which we don’t have any control on by any mean.
  • We might apply changes and updates from time to time on our applicable fees and charges, while all the updates –if any- will be published through Our Fees page, keep yourself updated by review such updates by visiting Our Fees page continuously.
  • Send/Receive Wire Transfers or Wallet Transfers will not be available to/from individuals, entities or exchanges based in any country may be subject to international sanctions lists, if any such case detected directly or indirectly, then we shall apply required compliance procedures in such cases and at your own risk to handle any damages and/or losses may be resulted accordingly.
  • You agree to pay all applicable fees and charges related to the transaction including your ADAX account hosting fees (if applicable), trade fees, transfer fees, withdrawal fees, blockchain network fees, payment gateways and banking applicable fees.
  • A percent of 0.15% out of each digital asset volumes may be deducted additionally –if applicable- on any outward transfers of digital assets once being active by third parties.
  • Arabcoin (ARB) will be available to be used for paying ADAX Fees in next stage shortly, this disclose exclusively related to Arabcoin (ARB) which is exchangeable inside ADAX Exchange and can be bought by the Order Book or directly by ADAX Exchange upon the prevailing market rates.(not applicable recently)
  • You agree that some transaction’s cancellation will not result in reversing or waiving the pre-paid fees if it was processed in the system or already our third-party deducted the fees, cancellation fees reversal shall be at our sole decision.
  • You agree that we are delegated “by you” to deduct any due amount or payment shortfall on your account held with ADAX Exchange, either through your fiat balance (e,i; USD balance) or your digital assets’ available balances at our own discretion, if any payment by you to us was -for any reason- declined, reversed, charged back, suspended, invalidated or claimed legally by third party.