Risk Disclaimer
Last updated: 30 July 2018

ADAX Exchange as an online portal is implementing the best efforts to our knowledge to apply compliance requirements along with KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti Money Laundry) to protect our business environment from any suspicious exposures might be expected, so the final delivery of our products and services will be subject to your full commitment and completing to the applicable KYC & AML requirements and procedures applied by Arabtizor Holdings Inc and its affiliates, subsidiaries, partners and any service channel pertaining to us and we have the full right to accept, reject, suspend, report your account if conflicting –at any time- with our applied terms and conditions, privacy policy, compliance policy or any other applicable policies or procedures, that is, we are applying universal compliance policies and procedures over our recent services and products to offer valuable delivery for our services to be serving into healthy digital ecosystem based on the blockchain technology as an open public ledger to develop and support digital assets in the virtual network while achieving future outcomes in full transparency complies to best practices and standards, meanwhile, NO promise or guarantee for any potential profit achievements in volatile and risky markets environments which might be subject to multiple potential risks such as – without limitation- market regulations changes or updates, volatility and market supply and demand, internet technical risks or any other factors might expose it out of our control, meanwhile, historical data of digital assets success doesn’t necessary reflect the future movements or results for those or other digital assets. It’s your own risk to decide to use any market trading tools we offer to be added to your current interests or investment instruments, while Cryptocurrency trading market has large potential rewards well-known for the public recently, but also accompanied with large potential risk might exceed your equity if not evaluated properly by you. We might keep your digital asset’s private keys stored in cold storage partially or completely upon our sole discretion for security reasons, additionally, we might cover and store your digital asset’s with third party software and if we found that we need for higher security environment at any time to transact, save and store such sensitive data in best practices. You must be aware of the risks and be willing to accept them in order to invest in and instrument available by blockchain industry and digital asset as an investment vehicle from around the world, so don’t trade with money you can’t afford to lose in high movement and volatility or any surrounding risk for this emerging markets. We consider this risk disclaimer to clarify that we don’t encourage you to deal with such risky markets and is neither a solicitation nor an offer to use our trading room or any technology solution we make it available to buy and sell Cryptocurrencies because there is NO purchase guarantee of profit for any digital asset or Crypto currency or any other service we support to be 100% secure or safe, meanwhile, we just offer our due diligence efforts and experience in FinTech industry employed in blockchain technology and digital assets solutions to build technology software, platform, tools, products and services represented to customers if they believe in its future by their own risk without any guarantee type to be as planned or expected, because this is out of anyone control to confirm something in the future or results, although we do our best efforts from our side and the rest not controlled by us and its inherent nature and potential risks surrounding any type of business relatively, hence, you agree that your use for our website(s), trading room, platforms, applications, instruments, tools, technology solutions, trading facilities or any of our services and products is at your own risk without any kind of liability or responsibility toward Arabtizor Holdings Inc. or any one of its affiliates, subsidiaries, partners or staff by any mean directly or indirectly.

Furthermore, for the fact that there is multiple possible similar names or tickers for the same Cryptocurrency around the globe as an inherent nature of most blockchain networks that allows this functionality and has not any restrictions to prevent the frequency of same alias “Coin Name and Ticker”, therefore , Arabcoin (ARB) or any other ERC20 Token adopted by ADAX Exchange (so-called herein “Arabcoins”) is not indicating by any mean to any other Cryptocurrencies in the world may have same name or tiker except the ones developed directly by Arabtizor Holdings Inc and announced officially over their website (www.arabtizor.com) with their unique Smart Contract address, meanwhile, any company, website, seller, developer or otherwise might announce elsewhere for their Cryptocurrency which might has potential similarity in the name or ticker of ours then it DOESN’T mean it’s the same, unless there is FIVE essential conditions MUST be available collectively in this Cryptocurrency to be considered our digital asset and pertaining to us as being applied:

  • Developed by Arabtizor Holdings Inc. by formal disclosure on the official website www.arabtizor.com
  • Processed for Pre-Sale or ICO exclusively by Arabtizor holdings Inc. as the exclusive and authorized party to do so.
  • Being listed through ADAX Exchange exclusively in stage one of live launch.
  • Built into ERC20 blockchain network by unique Smart Contract and approved quantity.
  • Matching the Smart Contract Address which is disclosed over Arabtizor Holdings Inc. website for the respective Cryptocurrency which published in each page of every developed Cryptocurrency and being check-able through the verified profile over the public ledger of Etherscan.io