Frequently Asked Questions
What is ADAX Exchange?
ADAX Exchange is an online portal powered by Arabtizor Holdings Inc. as a market technology solutions and FinTech partner specialized in blockchain industry, while based in Dubai under international business company registration number ICC20170744 and we are working with our partners to commit for any released regulations by regulators in future to comply with best practices in market.
What ADAX Exchange’s exclusive advantage?
Our strategic business plan was tailored to list ADAX Exchange among the top global exchanges all over the world, by being the biggest Bitcoin Exchange platform in MENA region which serving all your requirements in one local and regional partner can offer you best trading solutions might be found anywhere else around the globe and complying with highest industry market practices, including; security, platform, fees, payments, support
How do I open an account into ADAX Exchange?
What is the Arabcoin (ARB) and how to use into ADAX Exchange?
Arabcoin (ARB) is an ERC20 token listed inside ADAX Exchange in stage one to be trade-able asset of live release and later on to be listed into other global Crypto exchanges worldwide according to a strategic road map, meanwhile, it will be the fuel Cryptocurrency to pay any fees inside ADAX Exchange including Trade Fees in later stage over ADAX ,for more details about our fees, please click here.
What are the listed Cryptocurrency pairs into ADAX Exchange?
You can enjoy widest list of Crypto currency pairs in region exceeding 25 pairs listed inside ADAX platform in stage one and will reach more than 100 of most famous pairs shortly as our efforts to enhance our customer ‘s regional experience.
How can I start trading inside ADAX Exchange?
What is the types of account into ADAX Exchange?
We have three types of account considered as tiers of verification while all accounts should be registered in stage one as General Account as not verified account type and then being upgraded and verified upon customer request to next account type which is Standard Account and if required then to higher verified status and limits to Business Account respectively. For more details, please click here.
What is the applicable fees into ADAX Exchange?
We apply competitive fees if compared to market while all clear and specified into Our Fees page with no hidden fees at all, its flat rate of 0.25% trade fees applied on the trade volume for each order and being deducted in advance with same asset of the trade, and another processing fees for regular transactions such as; Outward Wallet transferring and Withdrawal fees listed here in details.
How can I deposit funds into my ADAX Exchange account?
According to your account type verification you can benefit from our available depositing options, while we accept customer deposits with wide list of Cryptocurrencies such as; BTC, ETH ..etc, in addition to USD depositing channels available for verified accounts by Credit Cards, Wire Transfers and another online payment gateways such as PayPal upon availability. For more details about accounts requirements and limitations, please review our Types of Account page by clicking here.
How can I withdraw funds from my ADAX Exchange account?
According to your account type verification status you can benefit from our available withdrawal options and upon certain limits pre-determined for each account type upon its verification level, while we accept customer withdrawals with wide list of Cryptocurrencies such as; BTC, ETH ..etc, in addition to USD depositing channels available for verified accounts by Credit Cards, Wire Transfers and another online payment gateways such as PayPal upon availability. For more details about accounts requirements and limitations, please review our Types of Account page by clicking here.
How do I make sure my balances are secure into ADAX Exchange?
Your security is our priority and our target to keep your digital assets in safe by applying most advanced security practice adopted all over the industry and powered by multiple precaution procedures such as; Two Factor Authentication (2FA), Multi-Sign technology and highest security layers powered by first class industry providers which ranked among the top five worldwide, which means that you are not protected locally or regionally only; but by global Cybersecurity providers also.
Do you accept third-party payments in USD or fiat money?
No, we don’t accept third-party payment in fiat money such as USD, meanwhile no restrictions recently on third party inward transfers in Cryptocurrency only.
Why am not able to submit a request to get my account verified?
We appreciate your understanding of the massive requests volume we are receiving every single day by our users around the globe to verify their accounts and upgrade it, so please award us your patience if such delay occurred in the rush hours and don’t worry it’s normal and just due to the high volume of verification requests we are facing recently while long queue might be in waiting, then we may disabled verification requests for a while until we make sure serving all received request in best way and practices as we can, meanwhile, it will be opened again as soon as possible. All what you have to do in this cases cordially keep checking the availability of this service from time to time or contact our support team for further assistance if required.
What Order Types offered by ADAX Exchange?
There are two primary order types available over ADAX Exchange:
  • Market Orders: which means to buy or sell immediately for the best available price by being filled by pairing closest buyers and sellers rates within the Order Book.
  • Limit Order: which means to set an outstanding order to buy or sell Cryptocurrency at a specified price better than current prevailing prices.
  • Stop Order: Will be available soon as well.
What is ADAX’s Order Book?
ADAX Order Book (OB) is a ledger containing all outstanding orders as instructions placed by traders to buy or sell Cryptocurrency. An order to buy is called a “bid” and an order to sell is called an “ask.” Bids and asks are paired up as soon as their prices are met and being fulfilled which resulting in a trade will be transferred to the Trade Book records.
What is ADAX’s Trade Book?
ADAX Trade Book (TB) is a ledger containing all fulfilled orders once a sell and buy orders were matched and executed over ADAX Exchange, then it was transferred from Order Book ledger to the Trade Book records.
Can I buy and sell Arabcoin (ARB) into ADAX Exchange ?
Yes, Arabcoin (ARB) is officially listed by ADAX Exchange and available for Sell and Buy upon market demand and supply principle inside ADAX Exchange by its own Order Book by placing an order into our market and once the system found the counter order matching your submitted price, then it will execute it automatically partially or totally.
How can I buy more Arabcoin (ARB)?
You can buy Arabcoin (ARB) by two ways: First; by its exclusive developer Arabtizor Holdings Inc. ( upon the prevailing market rate and upon availability, while its limited edition of 500 million unit only, and Second way; through ADAX Exchange’s Order Book directly by placing an order to buy.
Do you have margin or leverage trading?
No, we don’t implement such instrument inside ADAX Exchange while we believe it’s a negative impact on our customers rather than being an advantage.
How can I verify my account to next upgrade level?
You can go to Menu > Account > then select “Get Verified” option. Once we received your request we will start our due diligence process to upgrade your account while mostly it’s taking one week during normal market circumstances.
How can I add more security level to my account?
Yes, we encourage our customers to enable our second security feature available for their accounts by linking it to 2FA “Two Factor Authentication” feature, which will add additional random digits password will be required every time a login will be occurred into your account.
Can you tell me step by step how to buy and sell Cryptocurrency inside ADAX Exchange?
Yes sure, Step One; login to your account. Step Two; fund your account by necessary balance of Cryptocurrency or fiat money -upon your account type- to be able to trade. Step Three; go to the section of market orders in the lower right side of the platform. Step Four; select the order type you want to execute in market (Limit, Market or Stop) while Limit Order is to place an order to buy or sell in a price better than recent price, but Market Order is immediate trade execution at best price available inside our Order Book. Step Five; your places order will be shown in the middle Orders section if it’s Pending status, meanwhile it will be found inside History section if already executed.
What is Partial Execution and Full Execution Orders which appearing like a percent in my Orders section?
Yes, Partial Filled Order means that your placed order was executed partially in amount by a percentage will be shown for you and the remaining amount of your order still as outstanding order waiting for execution if there is a demand or supply might match its price, on the other hand; Full Filled Order means that your placed order was executed in the total amount completely. This is the market integrity supply and demand methodology and practice worldwide.
What Trading Markets available inside ADAX Exchange?
We offer widest list trading feature in region for Cryptocurrency pairs against USD (upon availability) and against USDT and against BTC and against ETH as well depending on your account type limitations, for more details about account types inside ADAX Exchange, please click here
I have sent a Cryptocurrency transfer from outside wallet but still not appearing inside my ADAX Exchange account, why?
Don’t worry, if you are sure of your transaction details entered, then It’s normal to take sometime, while in Blockchain exposures it’s delivery timing vary from time to time upon the rush hours and the mining cost paid, hence; it might be executed in 1 hour but in some cases it’s taking up to 24 hour plus according to the network rush and miners, so, just keep checking until being verified inside your account and if not appearing after 48 hour, then contact the sender wallet destination and feel free to contact us as well for any possible help at: [email protected]
Why my USD payment still not credited to my account?
Upon availability, if you sent a wire transfer, then usually it’s taking two business days to be received by our side, if not please contact your bank issued your remittance for more details about this delay and feel free to contact us as well for any possible help at: [email protected]
Am I qualified to open an account inside ADAX Exchange?
If your are in an age of 18 years old and more, then you are qualified unless our Terms of Service preventing your access and/or use for our service(s) for some regulatory justification, please Click Here to review our Terms of Services and make sure of your eligibility.
How can I contact your support team?
We welcome any query and ready to support our customers Cryptocurrency needs at anytime by multiple contacting channels over email at: [email protected] or by joining our official live support community on Telegram at: